Aspiring Florida Rappers To Face Murder Charges After Killing Man For “Flash Cash”


Making it as a rapper isn’t easy. It takes time, hard work, and persistence. But not everyone is willing to take the more difficult path. The perpetrators Jonathan Olin Felix and Joseph Edward Gomes-Brandon Jr. are being faced with murder charges in Florida after they broke into the home of victim Tyler Macklin. The two viciously broke down the door to Macklin’s apartment, stole $300 worth of cash, and shot the Florida man in the neck.

The reason for the murder? Investigators say Olin Felix, Joseph Edward Gomes-Brandon Jr., and getaway-car driver Dylan Kindred were in need of “flash cash”, aka, money to flash at their local Tampa, Florida shows to express the level of fame they aspire to.

Gomes-Brandon and Felix are both charged with home-invasion, armed robbery, and first-degree murder, while Dylan Kindred has escaped murder charges.

Perhaps the three should have considered stealing orange jumpsuits instead of cash.

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