Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Is Accused of Making Clothing Line In A Sweatshop

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Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s athletic wear line, made its way into stores this past April 2016. A week ago a British tabloid made the acquisition that the Ivy Park Sri Lanka factory was in many ways like a sweatshop and the workers were “slaves”.

According to the tabloid the Sri Lanka workers make $6.17 a day, and could never afford to buy a pair of Ivy Park leggings, that cost upwards of $144. The article also reported that the Ivy Park workers “live in boarding houses and work more than 60 hours a week to make ends meet.”

However the minimum daily wage in Sri Lanka is $2.68, which is less than double of what the Ivy Park workers make in a day. Meaning that the manufacturers of Ivy Park are within the law.

The clothing line is available both online and in-stores at Top Shop realtors as well as many other stores including Selfridges. The clothing line plays homage to both Beyoncé’s daughter and the area she grew up in.

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