Comedian Bill Cosby Is Reportedly Now Totally Blind And Confined In His Pennsylvania Home

download (21)In December of 2015 comedian and actor Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assault. Due to lack of evidence, the case has yet to go to trail and Cosby has been out on a bail of one million dollars. He has sense been confined to his home. And now, according to a close source of Cosby, New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that the former TV-show star is going blind due to a “degenerative eye disease”.

The source described Bill Cosby’s situation as him being “in his own personal hell”, having all his former friends turning their backs on him.

Cosby’s blindness is reportedly being attributed to a disorder called “keratoconus”, which effects the eye’s cornea. He has suffered from this condition for a while, but since his confinement to his Pennsylvania home, his blindness has rapidly progressed.

In the past Cosby has been accused by over 50 women of sexual assault, rape, child sexual abuse and other charges.


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